IT Came to Earth

IT Came to Earth by TD Walress

Tedrak is a Master of the Past Phase (holograph to the past), and is about to embark on his first and most dangerous mission: the fearsome and hateful Golaks have called for aid in locating the IT, the most dangerous weapon in the galaxy. After a supernova crashes the ship, the only survivors are IT and Tedrak.

As Tedrak fights for survival on a strange planet, and makes new friends in the process, he and IT must evade capture and find a way back home…and learn more about IT’s strange past. Through their adventure, Tedrak and IT discover what true friendship means. But will it be enough to get them home?

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Sample of Chapter 1

The sun was just peeking over the horizon of one of the two moons around the Golak home planet. The moon was abundant with many species of small animals and flowers. It had a heavy core, so the gravity was strong enough to maintain an adequate atmosphere to sustain the robust plant and animal life. All was quiet there; the air was heavy and silent. At the edge of the forest, the morning light was just filtering through the trees.
A year ago, the moon had been alive with the sounds of the Golak, a species who had a large military presence there. The science exploration transport had landed with immense expectations. Everyone on board had prepared for this mission.
I was the first one off the ship when it landed. The sun was just at the edge of the trees and the second moon orbiting the planet was fading from sight in the morning wake.
What was wrong with this picture? The forest so near, serene. The air felt deftly heavy and still, like a huge dome had dropped down and smothered everything. No sound, no wind, like being somewhere else but here at the same time. I shouldered my science pack and stepped off the ramp of the ship.
Breathing was hard. It felt like something heavy was pressing on my chest. Strange, I thought, the enviro tech had said that the air was normal and the gravity even less than our home world. The Captain on board, when we entered orbit, had said that this mission was setting a precedent, that normally there wouldn’t have been any interference with the Golak and their world, but that for some strange reason, they had insisted that the Coalition come and help them with this error.
Error, that’s what they had called it.